About us!


We only host our servers on our very own powerfull dedicated machines located in stockholm with top of the line hardware, 1 GBit/s network & DDoS protection to ensure a zero-lagfree experience!


Bagge.gg was created by an experienced server owner back in late 2019, back when we were called RustEx.gg and we have skyrocketed in players ever since. We strive on maintaining the rules to keep everyone in the good vibes.

Cheat Protection

Nobody likes cheaters. Besides Rust already using Easy Anti Cheat (EAC), sometimes it's not enough to catch all cheaters straight away. We are working with our own high-level programs that report and auto-record demos on suspicious players. We ban cheaters before EAC/VAC ban them!


We only use the best plugins and content for our servers to ensure you a a great experience when playing on our servers. We spend alot of efforts in private custom plugins, plugin developers and our very own plugins.


Equality and fair play are the number one right of all our players. Our staff team will defend your right and strive to provide the best gaming experience on our servers!

Our Store!

Support our server costs (No Pay2win)

Running our community with dedicated servers, website and domains is not cheap. We offer VIP ranks for people that want to skip the server queues (If the server is full) and other quality of life benefits.

Find us!

Our Discord Server

Get closer to our community by joining our discord server, socialize with people and stay up to date with the latest news & announcements. When verified on our discord server you will automatically be granted the discord kit on our servers.

Our Steam Group

By joining our steam group you will be more up to date and get announced everytime the server wipes live. Also as a thank you for being a part of us and overall just being awesome you will also automatically be granted the steam kit on our servers.

Our Servers!

frequently asked questions!

Our servers wipe every saturday 15:00 CET/CEST, with blueprints being wiped (fullwipe) bi-weekly. We also have an optional map-wipe every wednesday if the server is low populated.

No!! We don’t and never will.

Pay to win (p2w) is something that we at Bagge.gg think goes beyond all barriers. Sadly the majority of rust servers / communities today use this method to increase their revenue.. We are not hosting our servers in focus of making money.


We believe in quality & Fairplay rather than quantity and a wealthy bank account.

If you suspect a player cheating or breaking any of our server rules you can use the command /report and all administrators will be notified, even if they are not logged in to the server. 

If you found a bug or something else broken with a plugin or within the server you can report it to us in-game with the command /bug .

Type /help in chat to see a full list of commands and helpful information.

On our servers we use a unique rank system which is based on your playtime on the server. The more playtime you have on our server the higher rank you will achieve. As you progress the ranks you achieve unlocks cool Quality-Of-Life benefits that will just overall make your life slightly easier without making it unfair for others ranked lower than you. One example out of these benefits you can unlock is furnace-splitter which otherwise is VIP exclusive in our store. Your rank and playtime is permanent on the server and will never be wiped. To find out more you may use the commands /playtime & /ranks in-game.

You can check the status of any of our servers on our website located under “Our Servers:” on the home page. You’ll see a color in each banner to the top left with 1 of 3 colors. Green(Online), Orange(Restarting), Red(Offline).

In the event of a crash, the server will automatically attempt to correct the issue and restart itself within 10 minutes. Although rare, sometimes it’s unable to do so which then a technician will intervene to correct the issue manually.

If the server shows online and you’re unable to connect there could be ongoing Steam issues or your local network connection is experiencing issues. You can check the status of Steam at https://steamstat.us/

Join our Discord to keep up to date on outages and maintenance.

Yes, you can apply at our website (18+).


We are always open for new skilled & professional staff members. However we at RustEx are very careful and picky when we select our staff members as we believe in quality rather than quantity.

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